With Mosquito Joe, outside is fun again.

What We Do

mosquito-truckMosquito Joe provides outdoor pest control treatments to residential and commercial customers. Our technicians are trained mosquito control experts dedicated to one thing: getting rid of mosquitoes so you can enjoy being outside again. Outfitted with the latest gear and backed by the coordination of a top-notch support staff, our technicians in the field get the job done swiftly and thoroughly, leaving a noticeable absence of biting insects in their wake. Read more about our services.

Our Team


Meet Robert Rummells (a.k.a. Ranger Joe) a retired Army Ranger and owner of Mosquito Joe of the Peninsula. Robert along with his wife Christine (a.k.a. Office Joe) are here to rid your yard of pesky mosquitoes and various other creepy-crawlers.


When you call Mosquito Joe of the Peninsula, Christine, is likely to be the pleasant voice on the other end of the line at  (757) 772-8552.

Christine, also state certified, knows our services inside and out and takes pride in working to determine the best mosquito control solution for you and your home or business.  Mosquito Joe of the Peninsula is supported by a team of state certified, experienced technicians dedicated to ridding your outdoor space of pesky mosquitoes.  CONTACT US Today!


The MoJo Satisfaction Guarantee

Mosquitoes suck, but we are confident that you won’t feel that way about our mosquito control services. For that reason, we offer our MoJo Satisfaction Guarantee and never lock you into a contract. If you are not completely satisfied with the effectiveness of our mosquito, tick and flea treatments, contact us within 14 days of your service* and we will schedule a time to reassess your property and if needed, provide a booster service at no additional charge. If you’re still not happy after your booster application, let us know and we will be happy to refund your purchase price for that treatment. We pride ourselves on customer service and our job is not done until you’re happy and outside is fun again! Still not convinced? Take a look at our seemingly-endless amount of positive reviews from our current customers and see how our service has helped thousands make their yard outside fun again!

*7 days for an all-natural service.